Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's Next??

It's been 3 days now since the completion of the 2009 Walt Disney World Half-Marathon, and I'm still enjoying the post-race high. Now that I'm back home in chilly Massachusetts, it's fun to re-live the experience by sharing all the stories, pictures, and souvenirs with friends and family. I'll post more on the actual race and the week in general in a future post. The question I want to answer now is, "What's next?"

Jonathan announced some big news about his "What's Next." John Corigliano (sp?) announced his "What's Next." Rae, Deb, Chris, & Matt have all shared with my their plans for their "What's Next."

So what's next for me?? The short answer is...something. I don't have any specific plans for another race, but I know there will be one.

Before this past weekend I saw the Disney Half-Marathon as a finish line. An end goal to a long journey of self-betterment. But something changed during my week in "The World." I saw an amazing cross section of people challenging themselves to be better. Some were slim and fast, others were Pooh sized and slow moving. Some were young, some were old. Some were agile, others were dealing with injury. But everyone was doing it...and I was doing it!! Every time I crossed a mile marker along the way, I really felt a little euphoria at knowing that I was getting closer and closer to a goal I had been working toward for over a year, and when I crossed the finish line and saw all the other Team Voice members who had finished, I felt a true high. Now...I want more. I want that feeling again, and what's stopping me from getting it?? Nothing!! The line at the end of the half-marathon wasn't a finish line...it was starting line.

Like I said, I don't have any immediate plans for another race, but I'm going to continue to train and continue to move towards a healthier me...and with Team Voice pushing me along through cyber space, there is nothing that can stop me.