Saturday, August 30, 2008

Best Kept Secret

Today I'm feeling lighter, particularly in the wallet. About $16,000 lighter to be more specific. Yesterday, my wife and I finally did it...we bought into Disney Vacation Club!!! We now own 160 point investment in the, soon to be open, Kidani Village at the Animal Kingdom Resort.

We've been back and forth for a while now on whether or not to make the commitment. The incentives they were offering finally pushed us over the edge. By purchasing 160 points we received a free 160 incentive points to be used within the next year at Saratoga Springs. This is in addition to the points we purchased. We also received a $1,280 credit towards the down payment on our purchase, and a $500 Visa gift card to be used at our discretion. With all that, how could we say no?? It sure beats a hole in the backyard...just kidding Chris.

The best part is, I'm using the 160 incentive points and the $500 Visa gift card towards my marathon trip. I'll be cancelling my reservation at Port Orleans once my reservation at Saratoga Springs is confirmed. Also, it looks like I'm no longer traveling solo for the marathon trip. One of my great friends has decided to join me for the trip. How could he say no, when I told him he only had to pay for his airfare and park tickets??

Anyway, just thought I would share some exciting news with everyone!! Hope all is well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will tomorrow ever come??

Tomorrow I'll get in a nice run. Tomorrow I'll eat better. Tomorrow I'll weigh myself. Tomorrow I'll post an update on my blog.

That's what I've been saying for 2 weeks now. Unfortunately, tomorrow just wouldn't come. I had a great Corn Fest 10k, but since then, it has been all downhill. Not much in the area of working out, and too much in the area of eating.

I want to thank Mike, Rae, and others who have inquired as to my whereabouts. I'm still here, and I've been here. While I haven't been posting or commenting, I have been reading.

I know it's, time to get back on track, and I figure by blogging, it will help make me accountable for my actions and in-actions. Today, I've finally gotten back to the blog, now I've got to get back to running. I guess we'll see how dedicated I am...tomorrow.

Sorry for the glum report, but hopefully a more positive one soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cornfest Run Report

Something funny happened on my way to the starting line of the first annual Cornfest 5K Run. I got a little confused and apparently got into the wrong corral. The starting gun sounded and I was off to a great start. My plan was to keep to doing intervals, that is, run for 3 minutes, walk for 2. As in most races, I started a little fast, but then settled into a nice slow pace. As I chugged forward I was wondering when I was ever going to hit the halfway point. As most of you know, the Cornfest course is a very flat, out-and-back style course.

Anyway, as I continued to move forward I finally saw the turn around up ahead and now, coming back towards me was Craig from Ohio. I yelled out, "Man Craig, that was a long mile and a half."

Craig replied, "Dude, what are you talking about?? That was the 3.1 mile mark!!"


That's right, I got on the wrong darn course!! I accidentally got into the 10K race. I guess that would explain those 2 plaid streaks that went by me, going in the other direction, about 20 minutes was Chris and Mike.

Well, the only thing to do now was to turn back, run another 3.1 miles, and finish the race. I was starting to struggle a little when I heard a not was Deb!! "What are you doing on this course Heath?" inquired Deb, as she ran by me.

"I don't know, I'm trying to figure that out myself." My pace on the back half was a little slower, but I made it back to the finish line.

As I crossed the finish line, Matt and Rae were both standing there with a some gatorade in hand. In unison they said, "Holy Cats Heath, nice job!!"

"Thanks guys. Why didn't you tell me I got into the wrong line??"

I think I definitely earned the turtle award with a time of 1:29:00, but it's still on pace to not get swept in the half...and hey, I just completed the longest race of my far.

As I got in my car to drive home after the race, I thought to myself, "Wow, January is really gonna be a blast!!!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

All About The....Team Voice??

I know Matt already went over this, but this past weeks All About The Mouse show was truly all about Team Voice. Our good friend Matt finally answered his phone, Rae got her own T.V. segment, I got an e-mail read and this blog was mentioned, I think I even heard a Jeff W. reference....oh yeah...and Mike Fess got hosed!! It was fun to hear all the love for Team Voice. I think it's even helped motivate me a little, which is good, because I need a kick in the pants. I've been slacking a little lately, but I'm getting back at it tomorrow. I need to get ready for my pirate run this the challenge Rae!! On the subject of motivation, Matt completed 13.1 recently and he had plenty of time to spare!!!!! Makes me want to go out and just say, "forget the whole 13.1 now!!" We'll might at least be a good time to check my progress or see how much work I have left to do.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, why don't I just focus on this weekends big race...the 1st Annual Corn Run!!

Till then...keep movin' forward Team Voice!!