Thursday, August 7, 2008

All About The....Team Voice??

I know Matt already went over this, but this past weeks All About The Mouse show was truly all about Team Voice. Our good friend Matt finally answered his phone, Rae got her own T.V. segment, I got an e-mail read and this blog was mentioned, I think I even heard a Jeff W. reference....oh yeah...and Mike Fess got hosed!! It was fun to hear all the love for Team Voice. I think it's even helped motivate me a little, which is good, because I need a kick in the pants. I've been slacking a little lately, but I'm getting back at it tomorrow. I need to get ready for my pirate run this the challenge Rae!! On the subject of motivation, Matt completed 13.1 recently and he had plenty of time to spare!!!!! Makes me want to go out and just say, "forget the whole 13.1 now!!" We'll might at least be a good time to check my progress or see how much work I have left to do.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, why don't I just focus on this weekends big race...the 1st Annual Corn Run!!

Till then...keep movin' forward Team Voice!!


Matt said...

Is today "Make Matt Feel Good Day"? I guess my boss didn't get the memo. Haha! Thanks Heath!!!

Good luck with getting back out there and with Cornfest!

Rae! said...

Sweet corn!!!
I haven't listen to all of the show yet. That is soo cool!!! I hope you can back out there moving!!!

DebWDW said...

You are so right, Heath. The shows have been great! Every time I think I've heard the best one yet, the next one tops it. And I really like that we are hearing from more and more Mouseketeers. Good luck with your race through the corn!