Friday, June 19, 2009

This S@*T Just Got Real

Sorry about the's from the movie Bad Boys and it's quoted a couple times in the movie Hot Fuzz.

Anyway, I was recently chatting with Matt from Just Another Disney Blog, about his upcoming trip to The World, and it got me thinking. When does it become real for you that you are headed to, or at Disney? Any of you who listen to Inside the Magic have probably heard Skipper Ben's segments about "Goosebump Moments." He has people write in and describe the moments when they get a little giddy about their upcoming trip. Some have included; making ADR's, receiving the Magical Express tags in the mail, and driving to a local airport to fly out.

For me, things really hit home when I get off the plane at Orlando International. It starts when I step off the plane, especially if I'm coming from a cold climate, and the warm air in the corridor hits me. Next, as I step onto the monorail type transport from one terminal to another, I know I've arrived. As I lay my eyes on the Disney Store and then take the escalator down to the lower level and get into line at the Magical Express counter, I know I'm almost home (to steal the DVC slogan.)

So how about you?? What does it for you?? When do you know it's for real??