Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back from Boston

Just a quick post tonight so people don't think I've fallen off the face of the earth. I was in Boston yesterday for a friends 30th birthday and ended up staying the night. I discovered that this old body can't handle 1:30 a.m. bedtimes anymore. But other than the lack of sleep, I did pretty good. The party was at an excellent Japanese restaurant. I stuck with sushi and did indulge in 1 beer. But considering the options...I think I did great.

Weigh-in tomorrow morning. I'm going to be doing weekly updates of my weight loss (hopefully) so I can hold myself accountable for my progress. I'm a little anxious to see how I've done or not done.

Congratulations to Rae for finishing the Minnie!!! Great job getting to the finish. It's inspiring to see that even though you've had your set backs and struggles leading up to this race, you got it done when you needed to. Thinking about your success will hopefully push me to work a little harder for the rest of this month.

Another congrats to Chris, who finished a 5k this past weekend in 29:00, and then got to watch his Red Sox get a little payback on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. No wait!! I stand corrected....upon further review...Chris' race was not a 5k, it was 3.5 that is an awesome time!!!

It's been nice to see all of the successes recently. Hopefully I'll be joining the club soon with my first 5K in 2 weeks!!

Guess it wasn't such a quick post after all. Tomorrow morning I will add a note to this post with this weeks weigh-in.
UPDATE: This morning's weigh-in (5/5) shows me being down 3 lbs. Not an overwhelming result for this week, but it does start me off on the right foot.


MikeF. said...


Good to see your still alive and kicking. It's good to see someone else still calls them by their REAL name.

Chris said...

Thanks for the mention, Heath! Actually, it was a 3.5 mile race for this one. Just a little longer than the 5k. Okay, yea, I'm a nut for nitpicking, I know! It's actually why I was so excited about the time, 4/10 of a mile longer than a 5k and I beat my last 5k time by 2:31! Sorry for being nutty about this! I'm actually not crazy, most of the time.

The party sounded like alot of fun, and the Sox games lately have been great! Can't ask for much more than that! I'm trying to get tickets for another game this summer, but we'll see. Got tix to a game in Sept. already, but can't wait that long. :-)

Rae! said...

Thanks for the shout out. :) I think I over worked myself and that is why I was having set backs.
I am glad to hear you have a good loss for the weigh in.I have an appt. with weight watchers next week.
Sounds like you had a great time. I have only been around Boston. Just traveling through many years ago.