Thursday, June 26, 2008

Car 54 Where Are You?

Let me start off by apologizing for going MIA for a while. Typically, I've been writing my posts during some down time at work (shhh, don't tell my boss). But lately, that has not been an option. Work has been insane. Usually, we see an upswing in activity around Memorial Day weekend, then there is a nice lull until 4th of July. This lull. It's been full throttle since Memorial Day. I won't bore you with details, because I know everyone has their own story about balancing life with running and blogging and catching up on podcasts, etc. All I can say is...I'll try to do better.

Even though I haven't been posting or commenting much, I have been reading some. Looks like a lot of good stuff going on out there in Team Voice land. Well, except for Matt dealing with computer meltdowns. I've been closely following the East Coast/ West Coast battle. It's looking like the Notorious B.I.G. is leaving Tupac in his dust!! Chris is on fire!! Jonathan hasn't had a bad month, but I think Chris is borderline Mike speed, aka Plaid Speed...I guess he's Paisley Speed?

I've also been enjoying reading the trip reports. Deb's weekend adventures have been really cool to read, because I'm going to be finding myself at WDW alone come marathon week....well if you don't count the legions of Team it's cool to see how she was able to experience the parks alone. And the Dis-Hippy's (Jeff from MO) trip looks like something right out of my play book. I know we've only seen 2 days so far, but I'm diggin' the touring plan.

Oh yeah...did I tell you I jumped over a not a real hurdle...that would probably cause serious bodily injury. I turned 30!! Doesn't feel much different than 29, but now I guess I have to act like a real adult...bummer. Again, sorry it's been so long. I'll try to be better.


Matt said...

Welcome back and Happy Birthday!!!

Chris said...

Jeez, you talk like you're old! 30 is the new 20! LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Honestly, as you probably already know, when you have kids age and birthdays just kinda fly by.

Great to hear from you! Have been checking your site daily wondering if you were captured with Glen Whelan ;-) Hey, I'm going to be alone, well sort of, when down for the race as well. I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do in the 3 or so free days I'll have (leaving Sunday morning). Might just need a park hopper ticket to get it all in!

Thanks for the "props", I'm limpin' toward the finish a little, but had a hidden goal of hitting 100 run miles for the month. Might come up a little Mongello though.. :-(

DebWDW said...

The reason we have Disney in our lives is so that we don't have to be an adult all the time -- thank goodness!

caballerofan said...

Ahh but how old is your alter ego? That is the question.

Welcome back and Happy Birthday.

Rae! said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! 30 is a nice round number.
Hey we all can hang out in Jan. That's what I plan to do. Is to hang out with everyone from T.V.

MikeF. said...

Man I will be turning 30 only days before the race. So yeah 30 is the new 20. So right now that makes me 19 right? And happy 20th Birthday.