Sunday, July 6, 2008

Going it alone...sort of.

I've completed the first week of my new training program. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm following the same, and much maligned training program that Jonathan Dichter has chosen to follow. Contrary to popular belief, it is no walk in the park. Monday I did 35 minutes of 3 min. run/ 2 min. walk intervals, Tuesday was 30 minutes of elliptical, Wednesday was a rest day, Thursday was the same as Monday plus some weight training, Friday was kayaking, and Saturday was a 3 mile run using the same intervals. As the weeks go on the time and distance will increase. I definitely got something out of this first week. I feel like I really pushed myself and I know I will see steady progress over the upcoming weeks. It is the structure I needed in my training. I can't come up with any excuses for putting off a particular workout.

A couple people asked me about my travel plans for marathon weekend, more specifically, about whether or not the family is coming. Unfortunately, they are not. My wife has a prior commitment that can't be changed. As a result, I will be heading down alone. Once I get there I'll be looking forward to meeting up with and spending time with some of my fellow Team Voicers. Now that Jonathan has created a couple of official meets and Rae has offered to grab an ADR at Crystal Palace, I know I'm not gonna be "alone" while I'm there. The time that I am alone, I'm actually looking forward to being able to tour the parks a little differently than I would with the family. So...while I wish my wife and daughter were going to be able to make the trip...I'm still looking forward to an exciting, wonderful time!!


DebWDW said...

It's great that you like the program, and Jonathan will probably enjoy having a partner in crime on the program!
I think you'll have the best of 2 of 3 worlds in January -- some alone time, and some time with friends in The World! And luckily the family will be willing to give up a few days of park time with you.

Rae! said...

OK well, we will be looking forward to seeing you. :)
I am glad that the program is working for you. Maybe you and Jonathan can play off of each other to keep it interesting.
I have to say you look at the park different than you do when with the entire family. And it is still fun.

Chris said...

Sounds like a lot of variety in your training, something I'm looking at myself. Keep the posts coming as to how it's going!

I hear ya on the touring thing! Was thinking about it the other day. Got all excited thinking about how I could do whatever at whatever time and not have to worry about potty breaks, etc. LOL Although, I'm heading down with a friend, so hopefully he'll want to do whatever it is I want to do! ha!

caballerofan said...

Glad to see you are having fun while working toward your goal.

I "may" be in the same boat as you regarding travel. One of three things could happen.
1. My Wife and kids come.
2. My sister might join me.
3. Solo

I am staying at POP from the 6th thru the 13th.

Like you I am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone.

Stop by my All About The Corn blog and consider doing next months virtual team meet and run.

Craig Wheeler said...

Holy Cannoli. We did get one...just not that day. Check back tomorrow.