Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Today is Easter and that means, off to Easter Morning Mass and then onto my parents home for Easter dinner. At mass I'll be praying for all those running the 2009 Half-Marathon, and wishing them a safe and successful path from now until January. I will also be praying that my parents finally realize that I'm an adult and they don't have an Easter basket w/peeps and cadbury eggs waiting for me. My hope is, being that it's my daughter's first Easter, they will focus all of their gifts toward her.

A major part of my training is weight loss. At my current weight, 13.1 miles would be a tremendous strain on my joints. Before I get to race day in January, I hope to lose about 85 lbs. !! I'm down 13 now and so obviously I have a long weigh to go. My hope for Easter dinner, is that my parents will have some healthy side dishes. I'm sure they are planning on baking a ham, which I can deal with. It's the mound of mashed potatoes, dripping with butter that usually puts me on a road to glutony.

Hopefully, I will have a positive review to post in the next couple of days. Until then...Happy Easter everyone!!!


caballerofan said...

Hi Heath,

Welcome to the wonderful world of internet blogging and thanks for stopping by the Tundra today and leaving a comment. I have added a link to your site in my blog file.

Our Pastor played those two clips of Dick and Rick Hoyt's story during service today. I actually own the DVD. It never fails to move me to tears when I watch it.

I was pleased to find the clips on YouTube and to be able to share them.

You mentioned the 09 half. I am assuming you got your registration in....

Happy Easter to you and your family.
Best wishes for your training and weight loss goals.

Jeff W.

Rae! said...

Great picture!!! cute!