Friday, March 28, 2008

The Power of the Podcast

Yesterday, blogger DebWDW ( posted, "Am I the only one who is amazed that it's actually possible to build friendships via this amazing world of podcasting? Who knew?!!" and it got me to thinking about my next blog topic.

I would like to take a few minutes to discuss my observations about how powerful a simple podcast can be. For those who are unaware, a podcast is an audio broadcast that has been converted into an mp3 file or other audio file that is downloadable from the internet. I first stumbled across podcasts while searching around on i-tunes looking to see if there was any free stuff I could download. I was thinking music...I didn't realize that there was an entire other world out there.

So I begin by searching for something that may interest me...hmmmm, I'm looking to start a family in the very near future, maybe I should look in the "family" category? Then...there they were, staring at me...Disney themed podcasts. Wait a minute....I love Disney stuff...I wonder what this could be? Thus, the beginning of an addiction.

I now listen to 5 or 6 podcasts with quite a bit of regularity. All About The Mouse could be considered my "home" podcast. It is the first one that I make sure I get in each week. The hosts, Bryan and Jonathan, are couple of goofy guys who bring a lot of laughs to the show each week. You can feel their love for all things Disney and they really enjoy sharing the magic...oh yes...and the mayhem!! They also do a great job of interacting with their audience, aka the All About the Mouseketeers. Their website , has allowed the All About the Mouseketeers to voice their opinions on a variety of Disney themed topics. This has truly created a unique "community" of people.

Inside the All About the Mouseketeer community is a subgroup known as Team Voice, named after podcast host Jonathan "The Voice" Dichter. Team Voice is currently made up of approximately 30 people who have dedicated themselves to getting healthy and running in a Disney sponsored road race. As you've read in earlier blogs...I'm preparing for the 2009 Half-Marathon, along with at least 17 other Team Voice members. I can't believe how close Team Voice is growing as a group...and the amazing thing...most of us have never met!!

A few months ago I found out that, due to another obligation, my family will not be traveling with me to Disney World for the Half-Marathon. Right now it looks like I'll be making the trip myself. I had considered using this as an excuse to abandon the idea, but then I realized...I've worked too hard already for this...I can't give up now. My next concern was, "It's going to be weird, being by myself at WDW." But now I realize that I'm not going to be. I'm going to be down there with Team Voice!! And while I've never met any of these people...I know that when we all get together in January it's going to be like we are old friends.

Needless to say, without Team Voice and the AATM podcast, I never would have begun this journey of self-improvement and I certainly would have abandoned the effort by now. So to all the members of Team Voice....THANK YOU!! You guys are awesome!!

I know this blog was a bit longer than usuall, but I hope you all enjoyed it. I felt it was important to spell out exactly what the AATM community means to me.


Rae! said...

Sweet! I have been to Disney without my family.At first it was odd, but you can slow down and look at the things everyone talks about and really take in the history.

DebWDW said...

You and me are on the same wave length! And you will have an amazing time with the Team in January. I went to Mousefest in December, not knowing a soul and not having posted much. Jonathan, Bryan, Rae, Marissa, Kate, Lisa (Those Darn Cats), Jeff W and Big Brian all became my new best friends! You think the AATM/TV group is welcoming? Just wait until you meet everyone after a year of posting and training! It will be AMAZING! I just can't wait!!!

caballerofan said...

Like Deb and Rae I had the chance to meet a number of TEAM VOICE members during Mousefest. It was a trip that I am so glad we made.

You have the chance to meet everyone while I am also looking forward to a reunion.

Although I have booked a package for myself, my family has not decided "for certain" if they are coming down. My son does not want to leave school. On the other hand my daughter does not want to be left back on the Tundra again.

How ever it ends up will be fine. It's getting closer!

MikeF. said...

Awe Shucks Basil. I cannot tell you how excited I am about meeting everyone. I think hugs will be in order. Yes I am a hugger.

DisHippy said...

I must say that I totally agree. Having not met anyone that I keep in contact with, through forums and my blog, I still feel as if I know all of you. And it is just so cool that you can have such good friends through these podcasts, forums, websites, blogs, or whatever. I just need to get my money tree growing so I can get down there more often. Like for mousefest, or for the marathon to cheer on my fellow All About the Mouseketeers of Team Voice. Maybe I'll start the "Help the Hippy Get to Mousefest Foundation". I'm glad that you are a part of our AATM family and I just want to say great post today. Hope you enjoyed my post about my man Basil.