Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, Monday....

It's monday and the sun is shining, and I'm down 5 lbs. this week. I should be excited right? I am excited about the weight, but not so much about the weather. I know I said that the sun is shining, but it is freakin frigid. I know it's spring and I'm pretty sure we just celebrated Easter, but you would never know by walking outside. It can't be much warmer than 40 degrees. I really feel like I need to start getting outside to do some running, and that just isn't in the cards with this cold weather. At this point, I wish I was dealing with the hazy, hot, and humid days of August!!

I'm determined to get outside and get a 4 mile run in before the month is over. I know, I know, the clock is ticking. Deb from has inspired me to get my butt out there and get it done. My plan is to add 1 mile to my "long" run each month. That will put me at 13 miles by January. To get to that point, I first need to jump over this hurdle of 4 miles in March!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to report on my Easter meal yesterday. I did end up at my parents home and my mother prepared a great ham. I avoided the rolls and mashed potatoes and instead opted for a sweet potato, carrots, and asparagus. I shoudl have passed on the strawberry shortcake, but it just looked too good. Feeling proud of myself for a pretty good week, I did indulge in a helping of that. As noted earlier, my monday morning weigh-in revealed a 5 pound loss from last week. 5 down...a whole bunch to go!! I'm determined not to let The Voice ( catch me!!

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DisHippy said...

I'm liking the blog. Keep it up and I would like to welcome you to my blog as well. Keep it up.