Friday, March 21, 2008

"The World"

I said that I would be talking about Disney. So why not start things off right and try to explaine why I'm such a "Disney Geek."

This is a question that many have tried to answer and few have been able to accurately put it into words. Here's my attempt:

My childhood was filled with plenty of Disney movies and Disney shows. The first movie I can remember watching was Peter Pan. I loved everything the Disney Channel offered. When I was a kid it was the Mickey Mouse Club (w/Brittany Spears & Justin Timberlake), Kids Incoporated, Mousercise, Ducktales, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Tail Spin, etc. I also remember watching the Sunday Night Disney Movie every week, and begging my parents to let me stay up and watch it.

When I first had an opportunity to go to Walt Disney World, I was 13 years old. I remeber being in complete awe. I couldn't believe that there was such a perfect place on earth. All of those movies and shows I had grown up with, were now alive in front of me. I was truly enveloped by the Disney Magic. No other theme park can compete with the overall experience of Walt Disney World. I know some would argue that other theme parks may offer better rides, but when you look at the experience as a whole...Disney wins, hands down. The level of service, the attention to detail, and the ability to tell a story is where they truly excell.

I'm now closing in on my 30th birthday, and I still feel like a kid everytime I set foot in the parks. Working in a high-stress job, trying to pay bills, be a good husband and good father can limit the opportunities to act or feel like a kid again. Going to the parks makes that possible. In between trips I try to keep that magic alive by watching Disney movies or listening to my favorite Disney Podcasts.

Hopefully, that begins to explain how I feel about Disney and why I'm such a "Disney nut." Some people will read this and they "get it." Others may never understand the appeal....and for them, I feel sorry. I hope all of you feel the magic!!!

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Rae! said...

I am 37. I can remember watching the old reruns of the Mickey Mouse club,and the weekly movies with Walt. I do not remember but My first trip was when I was 2 or 3 in 1972-1973.
I have an old Ticket book and parking then was only 50 cents.I even have an A ticket.
I was in the Music days,did the parade in Middle school, grad night.Then there was a 17 year stretch no WDW.Long Story...
Then in 2005 was my return trip.My kids first trip ever. I have been a pass holder ever since.

I never thought I would ever do any races.My ex use to laugh at me, last year i prove him and everyone else wrong when I did the tot13k. My first WDW race.I walked.