Thursday, April 24, 2008

Enchanted or Not?

So this months featured movie in the Disney Movie Club is Enchanted. This is a movie that I skipped in the theater and am uncertain how I feel about it now. There are a few movies I want to add to my collection...ok...there are SEVERAL movies I want to add to my collection, but there are a few key ones I want to add right now. Examples being: A Bug's Life, Most of the Classic Cartoon Favorites, Mary Poppins, The Muppet Show, Swiss Family Robinson, and all the Walt Disney Treasures collections. I know, I know, it's a lot. Some I have in VHS, but want to upgrade to DVD and others I've never gotten my hands on.

If you're not familiar with the way the Disney Movie Club works, you usually get a deal where you buy one and get a discount on additional movies. So it makes sense to buy a few at a time. I'm considering making Enchanted one of those movies. However, I really want to get my hands on the upcoming release of Saludos Amigos and The 3 Caballeros double DVD. Do I buy this month or wait until next month and hope that Saludos and Caballeros is the featured selection? I'm thinking it will be, considering the new offer is due to come out on Cinco de Mayo.

Any thoughts?? Looking for some advice in this area from the experts. Jeff from Iowa...I think we know where you stand!! He's not called Caballero Fan for nothing.
Here's a little something for those unfamiliar with our hispanic friends:


Matt said...

I want to see Enchanted, but I will probably rent it first to see if I like it. About the only movies that I want to add are all of the classics, the "90's" animated movies and the Pixar Movies. The others will probably be rented from time to time.

I have actually never seen the Caballeros before. I need to get it!

Rae! said...

I am a disney dvd member and now A blu ray. I collect all kinds of them.
I haven't seen the enchanted yet either, I wasn't sure that I would like it.

caballerofan said...


Enchanted is a film I do recommend. Especially if you are into the Disney nostalgia and know what to look "and" listen for. From the beginning the underlying musical score lends a nod to Cinderella. There are so many more things I noticed in the DVD release that some how went right past me in the theater. I was only slightly disappointed in one special effect. And that comes near the end of the film when the evil step mother transforms. I wish the vision here would have been a bit darker, instead the dragons facial features almost look friendly. Here is a link to my blog with my review and a link to Glenn's Blog and his review.

If you are unsure about purchasing Enchanted you could always rent it first. I have enjoyed watching by myself, but it really is a family kind of show.

Oh and on a side note. Did you notice Jose was smoking a cigar? I do not think that is something Disney would Animate these days.

I am hopin gthat next weeks release will be remastered but I have not heard that said anywhere.

Chris said...

Almost purchased a copy of Enchanted while waiting in line at the bookstore! Thought better of it though. We'll probably rent it pretty soon. Have heard so many good things, it's tough to hold off!

Oh, and what's up with the Sox!!! Just finished watching them lose to Tampa...Bullpen not what it was last year it seems...I felt bad for Masterson yesterday, he pitched great!

Craig Wheeler said...

Enchanted is a must. Gotta love a company that defined a genre turn around and make fun of itself with style. Very funny the whole way through. The story is predictable, but they throw in so many homages to classic stories/characters that you would have a hard time watching for the in-jokes and paying attention to a deep plot.

DisHippy said...

Enchanted is cool. It kind of pokes fun at how the princess movies of the past just wouldn't work out in the real world of today. It has a good message, good characters, and is an over all good movie. As for the Three Caballeros, I will be picking that up today and reviewing it on my blog as soon as I can.