Saturday, April 12, 2008

Marathons And Mai Tai's Don't Mix!!

I learned an interesting thing today...if you're training for a probably shouldn't knock back several booze filled beverages the night before a workout.

Last night I went to a local Japanese steak house...think Teppanyaki Dinning Room at Epcot...for a family members birthday party. The food was great and the adult beverages were flowing. After imbibing far too many I began to think that it was going to be a rough morning. I was right. After eventually shaking the fuzz from my brain, I did get outside for a brief walk. I was dodging thunder showers, so it was a very limited .6 miles, but it was mileage. That puts me at 12 for 12 so far this month!!

Apparently, I'm not the only person to make this training mistake, as I just read Jogger Blogger's latest blog ( and he did something eerily similar with the notable exception of him running 16 miles after his mistake. Wow, way to go!!

On a different note I want to say congrats to Bryan and Jonathan on completing their first full year as hosts of the All About The Mouse Podcast. Cheers, this drinks to you....Gatorade that is. Keep bringing the Magic and the Mayhem!!


MikeF. said...

typing as quietly as i can. i hear ya. boozing then running the next day does not mix. now maybe the other way around.

Joggerblogger said...

:-) lol! I'll have to try no drinking the night before and have acheeky red wine on the way around next time ;-)